Ambitiouz Entertainment On Claims Blaq Diamond Beat Them To Their Game

South African record label Ambitiouz Entertainment has responded to claims that the two-man musical group Blaq Diamond was the only collective able to outsmart the record label and end their contract on terms favourable to the group.

Ambitiouz Entertainment is infamous as one of the most controversial record labels in South Africa and has a tangled history of fighting and acrimoniously ending its relationship with signees along the way. From Amanda Black to Emtee, it’s been one battle or the other between the record label and its artists.

Just recently, it was reported that Blaq Diamond had broken ranks with the record label and is now pursuing their music careers solo – as a group and without Ambitiouz so to speak.

Reacting to the claiming, however, especially the part where it was claimed that the group were able to outsmart the record label and continue with their music lives, the label dismissed it all, claiming in response that the group was still signed to it and will still release for albums as part of their contract.

At the time of writing Blaq Diamond had not responded to their claims, so it is unclear whether the label is in earnest or not. Stay tuned.

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