Ambitiouz Entertainment Reveals The Difficulties Of Running A Record Label

The controversial record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, has been receiving several backlashes for months. Several notable artists in have cut ties with the record label and now, rumours have it that is also planning on leaving.

The record label recently engaged in a Q and A session on Twitter. During this period, it addressed some of the issues that music lovers are very curious about.

Speculations have it that popular singer and actor, Sjava, is also planning on departing the label. So, Ambitiouz Entertainment has taken time to enlighten its fans on the perks of being a record label and the challenges that record labels usually face.

A user had asked:

I want to start a record label. What can you advise me? What are the most challenging aspects regarding running a record label?

Ambitiouz Entertainment responded:

Be prepared for ‘Please sign me, I’m desperate’ to (change to) ‘Vele, vele it was only me and my fans that got me here’- after you’ve spent fortunes in developing an unknown artist and making them a star.

Another user inquired:

(For) the record label to (become) well-known, (it) was ’s talent and Fifi- they pushed so hard. You guys just brought funds.

Ambitiouz Entertainment implied that it wasn’t hard work, but their funds that made artists like Emtee and Fifi prominent.

They also stated that they are open to working with the ‘Roll Up’ hitmaker again, however, it will be “only if it makes business sense.”

Busiswa recently criticized Ambitiouz Entertainment for acting unprofessional on the social battle in their dealings with their former artist, Emtee.

The record label is currently dealing with a lot of backlashes. is allegedly eager to depart from them. Other artists that have left the record label include Saudi, A-Reece, Priddy Ugly, Fifi Cooper, and Amanda Black.

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