Ambitiouz Entertainment Reveals Why They Released Blaq Diamond’s Danya Devs’ New Album

Controversial record label Ambitiouz Entertainment has revealed why they released Blaq Diamond’s Danya Devs’ new album ahead of the scheduled date.

There is so much drama in Mzansi this year that it is almost hard to keep up. Somehow, Ambitiouz Entertainment has been in the midst of it. The label was recently criticized after they dropped Blaq Diamond’s Danya Devs’ debut album before the release date.

The label has been at loggerheads with its artists for years. Most of them have left, and they’ve been left with new signees. Blaq Diamond also left the label and started theirs, Umuthi Records. In a recent tweet, Ambitiouz Entertainment defended its decision to release Danya’s album.

They accused Blaq Diamond of dropping “Qoma,” a song the label allegedly owned like it was theirs. They also stated they would release any song they own the masters to. They also shared that Blaq Diamond’s contract required them to release three albums, but they failed to do so.

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