Ambitiouz Entertainment Shades A-Reece’s Fake ‘Sotho Man With Some Power’ Project

The lockdown has caused several artists and even entertainment companies to be available online. The controversial record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, has not only been extra active online, but has also been blasting several artists.

In March, the popular South African rapper, A-Reece, made headlines as he was allegedly accused of releasing a project with the title ‘Sotho Man With Some Power.’

The controversy behind the release lies in the fact that A-Reece’s rival, Nasty C, is set to release his highly-anticipated album ‘Zulu Man With Some Power.’

A-Reece cleared his name by explaining that he did not release any project with such a name.

The statement read:

A-Reece wishes to categorically denounce Sotho Man With Some Power as a fake body of work which could only have been released as a result of cowardice and opportunism.

The ‘Holding Hands’ hitmaker has revealed that the feud between him and the ‘Strings & Bling’ hitmaker was orchestrated by Ambitiouz Entertainment.

It will easier for people to assume that Ambitiouz Entertainment was involved in the feud. This followed their tweet when a fan had asked a question under the hashtag AskAmbitiouz.

The fan asked:

Did you release sotho man with some power???

Ambitiouz Entertainment replied:

The only Sotho Man with some power we recognize is @Malome_Vector.

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