Ambitiouz Entertainment Trolled For Posting New Artist Who Looks Like Emtee

Popular record label Ambitiouz Entertainment gets trolled for posting a new artist who looks like their former artist Emtee.

Since Ambitiouz Entertainment parted ways with their best Hip Hop act Emtee, they have either been fighting with him on social media or with tweeps. The popular label once got criticized for claiming to be the number Hip Hop label on the continent.

Tweeps are still not done with them. They came for the label again after they shared a post about their newest artist Brvdley. The label posted a photo of the new rapper with the caption “Do you think BRVDLEY is thinking about releasing a new smash hit?

Tweeps quickly reacted to the tweet, noting that the rapper looks like Emtee. We must say, that resemblance is hard to ignore. A tweep claimed that the new rapper thought he was Emtee, while another accused the label of creating a fake Emtee.

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