American Idol: Formerly Homeless Singer Charms Katy Perry “Wide Awake”

Reality shows have been known to turn the lives of formerly poor and unknown figures and make them celebs almost overnight. The life of a formerly homeless woman is looking up right now, thanks to the “American Idol” reality show.

Lady K is one of the contestants of the show’s 19th season, and she’s got the attention of not just the audience but the judges as well.

Recalling life after the show and what her win means for her, the 25-year-old Alabam native noted that her family had financial difficulties in the past, and at some point, they lived in a shelter.

As the first child in the family, according to her, she had to step up and help out.

Her brother Poppy’s death by suicide was just as devastating for her. She noted it was one of the hardest periods she and her family had to go through. And they had to decide what should take priority, holding a funeral for their brother or paying their rent.

Well, it appears like the struggle is about to be over – if it isn’t already. Lady K had wowed the judges, including Katy Perry, with her singing of the latter’s song “Wide Awake.”

She sang the song because it symbolizes her experience so far.

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