American Song Contest: Kelly Clarkson & Snoop Dogg Recall Their Magical First Meeting

Meeting people is nothing novel. We get to meet people every day. But, of course, some meetings stand out. They are as memorable as can be.

Well, that’s the case with celebrated singers Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg. They had their first meeting years ago, and it was one they wouldn’t forget.

Both musicians are joint hosts of the recently unveiled American Song Contest, a spinoff of the Eurovision Song Contest. Being on the same beat somehow brings up memories of their first encounter.

Recalling that moment, Kelly Clarkson had noted that she had just won the American Idol reality show and was performing elsewhere when Snoop Dogg called her name.

Snoop corrected her, stating he didn’t say but exclaimed her name. “Kelly Clarkson!”

She didn’t expect a musician of Snoop’s standing would know her name, so she asked him outright, “You know my name?” She also noted that Snoop was nice ad wonderful, and it uplifted her spirits amid the uncertainties of the show’s first season then.

Snoop Dogg acknowledged treating her well back then, adding it was a good move, treating people with courtesy in ca one should meet them again.

It will be interesting to see how they work together on the American Song Contest circuit.

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