Ami Faku Shares A Letter Of Gratitude For “Imali” Album Success

Ami Faku shares letter of gratitude for the success of the Imali Album

Mzansi and Soul singer, shares a letter of gratitude to everyone who was behind the success of her album, “Imali”.

You might be wondering why she’s saying thank you now when her album is already months old, but be reminded that with each passing month, its recorded success provokes more gratitude. Mzansi singer is filled to the brim with joy as she looks in awe at how well her album has done since it was released.

Last year, on 27 September to be exact, the talented singer delivered the “Imali” album which ended up garnering so much praise for all the work that was put into it. Almost six months later, the singer is out now showing more gratitude to everyone who worked hard to make it a success. In a letter shared on Instagram, she thanked her label, Vth Season, her parents, and more for helping her with all she needed to make it. wrote:

I am endlessly grateful to Vth Season for providing me with opportunities that no money can buy. I hope this honeymoon phase never dies. You have allowed me to be myself although we come from different world’s. A special thank you to everyone who’s been involved from the beginning, I wouldn’t be here without your encouragement and belief in me. To my Family, your love and guidance has been pillars to me. Mom and Dad your support for my desires and grooming me is something I’ll never thank you enough for. To my listeners and supporters, this is for you and only you, thank you for giving my music a home.

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