Ami Faku Shares Video That Got Her Discovered By Sun-El Musician

Ami Faku shares video that got her discovered by Sun-El Musician

South African singer and songwriter, Ami Faku, related the story of how she started working with El World Wide Music Owner, Sun-El Musician. The ‘Into Ingawe’ collaborator, Sun-El Musician, had discovered the songstress through a video posted on social media. It was this video that got the talented musician interested in Ami Faku, and that was how they started to work together.

Ami Faku had taken to her Twitter page to narrate the story. Her narration occurred after a Twitter user shared an old video that dates back to 2017 when Ami Faku was seen singing. This was before the popular singer made it into the mainstream South African music industry.

The Twitter user had asked Ami Faku when she would record the song. Ami Faku replied to the fan and narrated the story.

She wrote:

And this is where Sun EL discovered he’d like to work with me, so there must be something… I’ll record it in studio.

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