Amid Controversy, Ariana Grande & Ethan Put Up A United Front At JFK

With celebs there is usually no end to the drama and what the public has to say – or create about them. Singer Ariana Grande and her lover Ethan Slater provide us with the latest example of this reality.

The couple recently faced backlash over Ariana Grande’s song “Yes, And?” In that song, the songstress addressed the public’s interest in her relationship with Ethan.

A lot of people faulted the timing of her relationship with him. Some even went as far as calling her a “home wrecker.” In the song, she seemingly addressed her critics with part of the lyrics.

She sang in part that people’s businesses are their businesses and her businesses are hers. So they should as well mind theirs while she minds hers.

Well, it appeared like most people aren’t prepared to mind theirs yet. Lol. AT least recent events suggest this. For Ariana Grande, though, life must go on and she doesn’t much care about the opinions of others.

Here, she has got the support of Slater, with whom she was spotted at JFK. Both of them put up a united front, seemingly unconcerned about the recent controversy that enveloped them over the song “Yes, And?” Well, their lives to live.

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