Amid Marjorie Harvey Divorce Rumours, Steve Harvey Says His Marriage “Is Fine”

A while back, the world was abuzz with news that Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie cheated on him with their bodyguard and one other person. So heavy as the rumour that it snagged top spots on social media platforms, as people debated the story and some mocked Steve for being a “simp.”

Well, after a brief silence, but husband and wife have addressed the rumours. Their takes contrast markedly with what is being peddled all over the place, with Steve noting that his marriage is fine.

For her part. Marjorie took to Instagram, where she shared a Bible verse as well as an article, “How to Handle Being Lied  About.”

The article quoted 1 Peter 2 verse 23, which reads in part, “Where they hurled insults at him, he did not retaliate.”

Well, she and her husband are not pointing rifles at those peddling the claims that they are divorcing and that she is demanding $200 million, which translates to half of his net worth. You can check out her post debunking the divorce rumours below.

With Steve Harvey and Marjorie debunking breakup rumours, maybe the peddlers of that narrative can no rest. But then, there are several examples of couples denying breaking up, only for them to split anyway. Time will tell.

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