An Hotel Staff Has Been Accused By Cassper Accuses For Stealing His PlayStation

Cassper accuses hotel staff of stealing his beloved PlayStation

accuses hotel staff of stealing his PlayStation.

When we say, is so big that almost everyone wants a piece of him, we mean that literally. But it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to part with any piece of himself no matter what it is. The things he holds dear will always be dear to him.

The “Good For That” hit maker recently took to his account to lament the loss of his PlayStation which he doesn’t seem to be ready to part with just yet. According to him, he had lodged in a hotel, Protea Willow Lake, where the PlayStation got stolen but he only noticed after he had left.

The rapper did not seem too happy about it. In his opinion, he should have just rented a house where his belongings would definitely be accounted for.

By the way, Cass is expected to drop his new single, “AmaDimoni” with pretty soon.

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