An Up-Close View Of Kim Kardashian’s $150M Private Jet

The reality TV star turned billionaire fashion icon, Kim Kardashian, reached yet another remarkable milestone in 2022: she became the owner of a $95 million Gulfstream plane, according to reports.

An Up-Close View Of Kim Kardashian'S $150M Private Jet 2

But in typical Kardashian fashion, she upped the bar on the luxury. According to PageSix, she outfitted the airplane with unique additions that increased its estimated value to an incredible $150 million.

The world was first shown the opulent interiors of Kim’s private jet during a taping of the Kardashian family’s reality show, “The Kardashians.” The fashion mogul compared the event to a funny episode of “MTV Cribs” that took place on an aircraft. She said she couldn’t believe she had such a magnificent and very expensive asset.

Kim Kardashian turned the jet into an extension of her house while maintaining her own style. The unique, all-light wood interiors replaced the usually gloomy airplane cabins. She also didn’t skimp on the cashmere details she added to the ceiling, headrests, chairs, and overhead baggage bins.

Even for family members, securing a seat on Kim Air is subject to certain regulations. Kardashian harshly disapproved of Kendall Jenner’s attempt to acquire a quick spray tan before a flight. This only goes to show just how strict she is with keeping the jet in perfect condition.

Kim Kardashian maintains a custom Skims slipper regulation for her passengers in addition to the no-shoes policy.

Have a look a little sneak peek into her luxury air ride:

An Up-Close View Of Kim Kardashian'S $150M Private Jet 3An Up-Close View Of Kim Kardashian'S $150M Private Jet 4An Up-Close View Of Kim Kardashian'S $150M Private Jet 5

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