ANCYL President Collen Malatji Under Fire For Comments On Julius Malema

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The African National Congress Youth League (ANYCL) has come under fire from the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) over comments made by the ANYCL leader against Julius Malema, the president of the EFF. 

On Monday, ANCYL president Collen Malatji, who recently assumed the post, had a briefing at Luthuli House, during which he took a swipe at the EFF leader, previously a member of the ANC. 

According to Malatji, Malema was booted out of the ANC because he lacked discipline and violated the constitution of the party. He ended up dismissing the EFF as not a political party but a cult where the least educated speak, and the most educated are not given a voice. 

Malema was not only a former member of the ANC, but he also served as the former president of the ANCYL between 2008 and 2012. So Malatji’s election to the post makes him the first to hold it in eight years. 

The EFF is unimpressed with the attack on its leader, though. It blasted the new ANCYL for trying to bring the EFF leader into the ANC’s drama. Both parties rarely see eye to eye on any subject, with the EFF, distinguished for its red berets, keeping the ruling party on its toes.