“And Away We Go” – Bonang Flies To America While Cousin Pinky Girl Fights Her Fans On Twitter

For some South African Twitter users, what’s in mind right now is the entrepreneur and media personality Bonang Matheba has flown to the United States while her cousin Pinky Girl (with whom she used to share a deep bond) is still in South Africa.

Bonang had reportedly shaded her cousin (without mentioning her name) when she disclosed that she had refused to be vaccinated and will therefore be missing out on international trips, something she considered ridiculous because vaccination is easy enough to get in Mzansi.

In reply to Bonang at the time, Pinky Girl had noted that her cousin unfollowed her and even blocked her. What’s more? According to her, she can make the trip on her own wallet. So, that should be enough. But is it?

With the news that Bonang had flown to the United States and she, Pinky Girl, is still in South Africa. Some of Bonang’s fans have been mordant in their comments about Pinky Girl, wondering why she didn’t fly to the United States again.

It has been an open war between Pinky Girl and Bonang’s fans since, with neither side appearing to be on the verge of winning. If you’re the amebo type, you may as well grab your popcorn and follow the comment.

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