Andile Jali Insults Fans Who Wanted A Picture With Him

Popular football player Andile Jali reportedly insults fans who approached him for photos.

Do you remember the saying, “Never meet your idols?” That seems accurate because most people never have anything good to say when they meet the people they admire. A street vendor got the opposite of his expectations when he and his friends approached former Bafana Bafana midfielder Andile Jali for a photo.

The man, Ace Matea, reportedly hails from Daveyton in Ekurhuleni. Speaking to Zimoja, Matea recounted how Jali insulted them for asking for pictures. He said,

“We went to the car where he was sitting with someone and drinking. Together with the other guys who saw him, we asked if we could take pictures with him, next thing he was hurling insults at us. He told us how stupid we are and that we were low lives who will never amount to anything. He asked if we knew how much his pictures are worth.”

He shared that one of the guys tried to lighten up the atmosphere by asking Jali for a drink. However, Jali asked him if he looked like the type who could share booze with imbeciles and low-lives like them. Matea shared that he was disappointed but felt bad for the football star because it was evident that he needed help.

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