Andile Jali & Sipho Mbule Of Mamelodi Sundowns Reportedly Arrive Drunk For Training

When people drive under the influence of alcohol, they are not exactly in control of their faculties, and not only do they put themselves at risk on the road, they put other road users at risk as well. For this reason, governments around the world have put together laws to ensure that people don’t drive under the influence of alcohol and that they are punished when they do.

Of course, this has not deterred most people, as they still go ahead to poke the sides of the law. Now imagine that football players came to training drunk as well. Now, the outcome on the pitch might be all shades of hilarious. That was what played out recently at Mamelodi Sundowns, as two key players, Andile Jali and Sipho Mbule, arrive drunk to training.

Interestingly, both players, who stand accused of breaching the club’s code of discipline, have also missed the club’s recent matches. According to multiple reports, though, the incidents were separate, as were the reasons for getting tipsy.

By the way, Mbule, 24, was former a player at SuperSport United, a club where he apparently have several misdemeanours before his eventual transfer to the Brazilians. And yes, the two footballers mentioned are not the first to arrive drunk for training in the PSL

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