Andile Mpisane Doubles Up On Fitness Journey

Reality star and businessman Andile Mpisane doubles up on his fitness journey, and Mzansi can’t stop talking about it.

Andile Mpisane is known for many things, but one of them is how hard he works. He might be an heir to the throne at Royal AM Football Club, but the star also puts in work to be where he is.

He recently took a break from showing off his luxury cars and shared a video of his workout routine. It includes resistance running. In the video reshared by MDN News, the star is seen running with a parachute tied to his waist. Of course, this is why he’s been looking so good.

An expert on fitness and personal trainer spoke to Briefly News about his workout and offered some advice on alternatives that people can do.

“It’s mostly used by athletes to improve their speed; there is an added resistance to your legs and glutes as it forces your glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings with explosiveness.”

“There’s an alternative to resistance sprints, where you can use a sled and have a partner pull you from behind with a resistance band.”

Netizens have also reacted to the video and praised Andile for putting in the work.

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