Andile Mpisane & Shaun Stylist: From Besties To Beefing?

Once upon a time, they were the closest of buddies, almost inseparable. But all that appears to be in the past now between footballer Andile Mpisane and his buddy Shaun Stylist.

The one-time besties are said to be feuding at the moment, with associates unable to broker a truce between them. A report by Zimoja indicated that Shaun no longer spends time in the Mpisane mansion where he used to be found almost all the time.

Instead, he is said to be focusing more on his music career and his growing family. This has not gone down well with Andile Mpisane, He is said to have been angered that Shaun no longer comes around as he used to. The Stylist was Andile Mpisane’s mother Shauwn Mkhize’s stylist.

However, given the alleged feud between the two, it is unclear if he still styles Andile’s mother. Before now, Shaun was seen as Andile Mpisane’s right-hand man. In fact, the two considered each other brothers. But with the ongoing drama, it is unclear what will become of their relationship.

By the way, Shaun Stylist recently released a number dubbed “JJ Phakathi” and has been focusing on his music career since. Well, time will tell what happens next between the duo.

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