Andile Mxakaza Celebrates Sophie Ndaba’s Soul-Lifting Testimony

Andile Mxakaza Celebrates Sophie Ndaba’s Soul-Lifting Testimony

South African actor Andile Mxakaza is proud of what Sophie Ndaba has managed achieve despite having been at the bottom  of life at some point. and he shared about this in a recent post on Instagram.

Sophie Ndaba has been through a lot. Lost her marriage. Lost her health. Lost weight – yes, at some point, she weighed under 50KG. She was at the bottom emotionally and some people even gave up on her and the possibility of her redemption.

But Sophie never lost hope in God’s ability to restore her. She kept the faith and kept working on herself and her emotional well-being, In the intervening years, she had recorded remarkable changes, gained back her lost weight and recovered emotionally.

Now, that is a miracle of sorts. The significance of it all was not lost on her. So she decided to reintroduce herself in an Instagram post. She also appeared on a podcast where she told her story.

Actor Andile Mxakaza was sufficiently impressed with the story to share it on his Instagram, page. he added a Bible verse to affirm the same. You can check out his post below.

Well, congratulations are in order for Sophie. Not everyone gets to recover like she had done.