Andile Nebulane Aka Detective Malinga Labeled a Deadbeat Father

“Generations: The Legacy” star Andile Nebulane, who plays detective Malinga was blasted online by his baby mama and accused of being a deadbeat father who neglects his kids.

There is always drama in Mzansi, and it usually involves some of our favourite celebs. This time, the “Generations: The Legacy” actor is getting dragged by his baby mama for not caring for his kids.

Daily Sun reports that Nebulane gained prominence for starring as Detective Malinga in the “Generations: The Legacy” series. He also featured in the canceled Ferguson Films drama “Igazi” and played the character Jonga. He made the news after his baby mama shared a lengthy post on Twitter blasting him for being a deadbeat father.

She accused him of knocking women up and leaving them to fend for his children alone. She claimed he left their kids without food for weeks. “He masquerades as a present father, yet he’ll disappear for weeks, leaving his children alone while on drinking sprees. Some of his kids don’t even know what R2 from him looks like, ke phof.”

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