Andrés García Gets Hospitalized For A Complicated Condition

Andrés García has been hospitalized for a complicated health condition.

Health complications are challenging to handle. According to recent reports, Andrés García recently got hospitalized for health issues that affected his hemoglobin levels (a protein found in the fluid that is essential to life and transports oxygen to the body).

Garcia was hospitalized in an emergency on Saturday, April 9. The news was shared via his official page. The actor shared that he received a blood transfusion. He shared his gratitude to the doctor that treated him. It is still unknown what happened before he was rushed to the hospital. The soap opera star shared that he is stable now.

He shared a bit of information about it revealing (as mentioned earlier) that he suffers from a condition that affects his hemoglobin levels. “2 units of blood received at the Santa Lucía hospital, to be at 100! Infinitely grateful to Dr. Escudero. To the C.P. for their help and attention. I also thank the hospital’s medical staff for their hospitality and affection.”

In the photo he shared, he is lying in a hospital bed, looking tired and covered by a blue blanket. He’s with his wife, actress Margarita Portillo to whom he’s been married for 22 years. Andrés once shared in a post that he’s “paying the price of an adventurous, agitated and violent life”.

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