Andrew Tate & Brother Tristan Moved From Prison To House Arrest

It is not yet uhuru for Andrew Tate and his brother, who were arrested months ago in Romania and detained over alleged human trafficking and rape. The controversial internet personality and former kickboxing champion was defiant and insistent on his innocence.

Of course, his arrest polarised netizens, with some mocking him for his “fall” and others supporting him for his defiance and for “emancipating” his fellow men with his controversial content on social media.

Well, it appears like NAdrew Tate and his brother are making some progress, as reports indicate they have been moved from prison to house arrest, which entails more freedom than what obtains in the slammer.

He would have remained in detention but for the appeal court, which rejected the prosecution’s proposal to extend the pretrial detention. Instead, the court ruled that Tate should be placed under house arrest.

With that verdict, Andre and Tristan Tate were released by the police authorities from where they had been detained all along. Now they will remain under house arrest until their case is determined by the court and a verdict is given.

It will be interesting to see what the verdict on the Tate brothers would be eventually. The world is watching

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