Anele Celebrates Meeting “Childhood Crush” Boris Kodjoe At The Grammys

She was one of those who. although not dominated, showed up at the 66th Grammy Awards anyway. And it was well worth it for South African media personality Anele Mdoda.

For one, she had the opportunity to meet a man who she described as her “childhood crush” – Boris Kodjoe. Beyond that, she also had the opportunity to interview him. It was a moment she had longed for, and it was all shades of fulfilling to finally have that moment.

Not surprisingly, she shared about it all in a post on her X account. In the post she shared, she could be seen standing next to Boris Kodjoe and interviewing him. In her caption, she indicated he was her childhood crush and also pointed her fans to where they could watch the full interview. You can check out the post below.

It was, of course, a dream come true for Anele Mdoda – having to interview Boris Kodjoe. But the biggest win for her was probably Boris commenting about her art as a presenter and letting her know that she was good at her job.

Well, it was a good day for South Africa at the Grammys, as local singer Tyla won her first Grammy at 22.

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