Anele Mdoda Calls For Understanding After Dineo Ranaka Checks Herself Out Of Mental Clinic

South African media personality Anele Mdoda had called for “a little grace” for her compatriot and fellow media personality Dineo Ranaka.

Dineo Ranaka has been battling suicidal ideation for a while and she was strong enough to share her mental health challenges with the world via her Instagram page. Those who saw her posts were worried for her, especially so as some Mzansi notables have already taken their lives out of depression.

Her family showed up at her doorstep and has been supporting her ever since. She was recently checked into a hospital. But recent reports indicated that there was a head exchange of sorts and she discharged herself from the place.

The incident led to some tweeps criticising Dineo. But Anele Mdoda sees things differently. She is determined people should show understanding at this point, after all, Dineo had indicated she was going through a mental crisis. She could do with the public’s support right now and nothing more. You can check out her post below.

While some tweeps agreed with her verdict, some noted that journalism was never considerate of people’s feelings. Those practising the profession are there to report things as they are. Well, to each his verdict.

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