Anele Mdoda: From Auditioning to Owning Her Own Production Company

Anele Mdoda Celebrates Friend In A Special Way – Watch

Media personality Anele Mdoda has just shown that she can go out of her way to celebrate someone she calls a dear friend. She did just that recently when an unnamed friend of hers turned 40.

The mother of one was too excited to keep calm She decided to make it a memorable day for the said friend – she hired the friend’s favourite singer, Sbu Noah, to sing for him. The dramatic moment was captured on camera and has been flying online since.

Many South Africans were impressed with the clip as well as Anele Mdoda’s gesture towards her friend. In the clip, Sbu Noah could be seen singing and walking into what would turn out to be the celebration video where he sang for the friend.

Actually, this is a side of Anele Mdoida that some peeps are not familiar with. They had seen as that stormy personality who had insulted Merican singer Kelly Rowland for no reason whatsoever. Yeah, without Kelly Rowland ever speaking ill of her, Anele Mdoda had gone to town telling every social media denizen who cares to look in her direction that Kelly was ugly.

Well, the focus right now is her celebrating her close friend