Anele Mdoda Flaunts Her New Hairstyle

Check out these photos of Mzansi media star, Anele Mdoda flaunting photos of her new hairstyle.

We all love it when our favourite celebs look amazing. Shout out to a lot of them for always coming correct. That includes the very talented Anele Mdoda who never misses an opportunity to give fans something to look at.

The TV star recently took to social media to share a post showing off her new hairstyle. Stickin to the short styling, the hair is parted to one side and she rocks glasses to make the new do pop. We must confess, she looks everything like the star that she is even when she isn’t trying.

She captioned the post “560”. Did we also mention that she’s been looking fit lately? Anele seems to be hitting either the road or the mill pretty hard these days. The aftermath of her workouts have also been amazing.

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