Anele Mdoda Flaunts Snatched Waist in R2k Jeans

Famous TV host Anele Mdoda flaunts her snatched waist in a new selfie while wearing new jeans that cost over R2 thousand.

Everyone looks to see their favorite celebs look good. We must confess that there has never been a time when Anele Mdoda never looked great. Evidently one of the most prominent TV hosts in the country, Mdoda always dresses the part.

Her fans love her for that. A recent photo of the beautiful mother-of-one has been making rounds on the internet, and the ladies want to know all about it. She shared a bathroom selfie of her snatched waist. Anele is pictured wearing new jeans that complimented her so well that they gave her an hourglass figure.

She revealed in the post that they are called Freddy Jeans. She also shared that it was evident that the jeans did all the magic because she knows she isn’t that snatched. She also revealed she wasn’t sure what exactly the high-waist jeans were called.

Trust social media detectives to take up the job and figure it out. Fans revealed that the jeans cost over R2k. They also noted that she looked incredible in them. Some called it the definition of hard work.

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