Anele Mdoda Gives Mzansi A Good Laugh With Her Black Coffee Stunt Double Post

Mzansi media personality Anerle Mdoda gave her compatriots a good laugh once again with a recent post of hers, via her radio show account, stating that Grammy-winning musician Black Coffee would be live in the studio with her and another host.

The clip she shared did not show Black Coffee, though. It was rather of a lookalike. This left some of her fans confused and others wondering how they could not identify the real person they wanted to interview.

Well, reacting to the initial post, with her main account this time, the mother of one left a disclaimer for the public, noting that the person in the initial post was just a stunt double and not the celebrated musician. Still, she believes her audience should be able to get the point from what she has shared. You can check out the post below.

Her compatriots had a good laugh after the clarification, with some of them noting that she plays too much. Despite being mentioned in the post, we don’t recall Black Coffee saying anything about it. Clearly, it wasn’t something he felt he should respond to.

On Anele Mdoda’s part, she has at least succeeded in giving her compatriots a good laugh.

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