Anele Mdoda Reacts To Claims She Got Married Over The Weekend

So did Anle Mdoda get married over the weekend? That’s one question South Africans have been asking after she was spotted in a white dress.

Er, “spotted” might be a record word here, as the radio host shared some pictures of herself on her socials. She looked like a newly minted bride posing with her friends. She was also the centre of attention, which ignited speculation she got married. YOu can check out the post below

Amid the continuing speculation over what actually happened over the weekend, the mother of one has come out to set the records straight – or so some of her fans would say.

In her follow-up post, she made it clear that she didn’t get married despite looking like a bride in the pictures she shared previously. She insisted she merely wore a white dress over the weekend and fans are best not thinking someone had “put a ring on it.”

Anele Mdoda was previously married, but nothing is known about her previous man with whom she had a son called Alakhe. Some people have even speculated that Sizwe Dhlomo might be the father of her child. But so far, she has neither confirmed nor denied the claims

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