Anele Mdoda Roasted Over Claims She Caused The Craze For PRIME Energy Drink

South African radio personality Anele Mdoda has come under fire after claiming that she was the one that caused the PRIME energy drink craze in South Africa.

In a recent post, the mother of one claimed that she and another host on The Breastfast Club had provoked the surge in popularity of the PRIME energy drink when they spoke about it on their platform.

According to Anele, no one was speaking about it before PRIME then. But some South Africans think her claims were false and misleading and they reminded her that the drink was already popular among teams before she mentioned it on her show.

As far as some of her critics were concerned she is out taking credit for what she had not initiated. One critic even called her Cassper Nyovest Lite.

Andele Mdoda had her supporters, though – people who know of her influence and stated that she indeed played a role in the sudden, electrifying success of PRIME. Some even enjoined her to bring MoFaya, a rival brand owned by local entrepreneur DJ Sbu, to the show to promote it as well.

But would she? The coming days might have the answer to that. Stay tuned if you please.

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