Anele Mdoda Shades Former Eskom CEO André De Ruyter Over New Book

South African media personality Anele Mdoda has just taken a jab at Andre De Ruyter, the former chief executive officer of Eskom, over his new book in which he detailed his days at the energy utility.

De Ruyter was forced to resign his position over his inability to deliver South Africa from the bondage of load shedding that has been plaguing the country for a while. According to the former CEO, there were deeply entrenched forces preventing Eskom from achieving what it was supposed to.

He also alleged that a minister was partly behind the mess and corruption plaguing the company prodded to reveal who the minister is, but he declined. He ended up writing a book in which, interestingly, a lot was left out as well.

One person who was unimpressed with the book was Anele Mdoda, and she made this clear in a tweet on her verified account. She noted that the former CEO had better have a page where he spoke about writing using candlelight – an understandable reference to the reality that South Africa still contends with load shedding and power cuts.

Anele Mdoda Shades Former Eskom Ceo André De Ruyter Over New Book 2

Her tweet elicited mixed reactions from her compatriots, some of whom slammed her for what she shared. Some supported her, of course.

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