Anele Mdoda Will Overlook A Cheating Husband

SA reacts as radio host Anele Mdoda reveals she would overlook a cheating husband.

Anele Mdoda has been known to share her unfiltered opinion on social media. She never minds how it would make anyone feel as long as it is true to her.

The television star recently revealed that between a cheater, a drug user, a gambler, and an alcoholic, she would rather stay with a cheating partner. She believes she can protect her kids from a cheating father.

“A cheating man I can protect my kids from, that is between me and him. An alcoholic, a gambler, or a drug addict will affect the entire family immediately! You will sink us and jeopardise kids’ schooling and legacy. Nah. Just nah.”

“The chances of us losing everything over him cheating are slim, but the other 3… look obviously none of these are ideal but me I am saying give me that over a drug addict, gambling addict or an alcoholic. Marriage is an economic contract. So these 3 affect exactly that.”

Fans weighed in on her opinion and said that accepting a cheating partner is a symbol of mediocrity and low self-esteem. She replied, “At least my low self-esteem will be operating from a house beyps. Good luck losing your house 😂😂😂😂😂.”

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