Anele Mdoda’s Birthday Tweet At Sizwe Dhlomo’s Expense Amuses Mzansi

Anele Mdoda’s birthday is just around the corner and her friends are already showing their support in preparation for that day. They supplied so much booze that Anele was more than thrilled to share the news with her fans and also joke at Sizwe Dhlomo’s expense.

While she got booze for her birthday, she also revealed that Sizwe Dhlomo got Oros, implying that the other media personality doesn’t drink.

Her post elicited amusement and curiosity in equal measure. For one saying that her friends delivered a lot of booze for her birthday and Oros for Sizwe Dhlomo might indicate that they are living together or else are pretty close.

Anele Mdoda'S Birthday Tweet At Sizwe Dhlomo'S Expense Amuses Mzansi 2

And this opens another layer altogether. Even before she made the tweet, speculations were rife that Sizwe Dhlomo might be the father of her son Alakhe, or she might be dating the Kaya FM host, who is often found playing with Alakhe.

It is unclear what exactly the truth is. But there is no denying that Anele Mdoda and Sizwe Dhlomo enjoy each other’s company, including the lavish, goofy moments. And if they should decide to go public with a relationship, who would be surprised? We await more sauce on that.

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