Anele Mdoda’s Cracks Mzansi Up With Poor Kitchen Skills

Mzansi can’t stop laughing as media star Anele Mdoda opens up about the results of her poor kitchen skills.

We will always love Anele Mdoda for always being honest with her fans. The famous TV and radio star is known to share every detail of her life, including the good ones and the really embarrassing ones, with fans. It makes them feel like they know her enough.

The famous On-Air personality recently cracked her fans up when she shared what happened to her in the kitchen recently. According to her, she tried experimenting with her food, but it turned out to be a complete disaster.

The star revealed that she tried to enhance her malva pudding by pouring Amarula over it instead of custard, and the result was not great. She wrote,

“The way I thought, this would be a fire idea. Terrible. I drained the Amarula and went back to custard.”

Fans couldn’t stop laughing and reacted in the comments. @MasechabaAfrica wrote, “The custard brings balance. Same way Amarula smacks with vanilla ice cream.” @Claudatiousss replied, “The pudding is meant to be warm, then a light splash of the liqueur evenly over the hot pudding, then you drape it in custard.”


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