Anele Mdoda’s Son Alakhe Mdoda Warms Hearts As He Spends Time With His Young Grandmother

Media Personality Anele Mdoda’s son, Alakhe, tugs at our heartstrings as he spends time with his young grandmother at her wedding ceremony.

The Mdoda family welcomed a new member last month, and they have been in the news a lot for it. The beautiful new grandmother and stepmother, Noxolo Zinyana, turned heads at her wedding ceremony. Photos of the wedding dominated social media, and Mzansi couldn’t stop talking about her.

Anele was the first to share pictures. She wrote, “If this is deleted, please know my dad and his wife jumped me for posting unofficial pictures of an amazing day. Welcome to the family, Noxolo, or should I say Mrs Mdoda. We love you boobsie.” We are happy that they weren’t deleted.

Mzansi noted that Noxolo was very young. They also wondered if Anele and her sister felt weird about their new mom being so young. Still, they were thrilled to see Patilizwe Mdoda happy to welcome his new wife.

Another family member who seems to have already bonded with her is Anele’s son Alakhe. A video of the young boy resting on his grandmother’s lap has warmed hearts. Fans commented that they were happy she already shared a bond with the boy.

Find the video here.

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