Anele Mdoda’s Weight Transformation Shocks Mzansi (Pictures)

Anele Mdoda is currently buzzing across South Africa. This time it has nothing to do with her mordant swipes at Kelly Rowland or even anything to do with broadcasting but with her physical transomation.

Many South Africans knew the controversial media personality to be on the plus side. But her recent photos point to her having lost weight. Fans noticed and they have been discussing the transformation since.

For many South Africans, the recent pictures of her showing her transformation also revealed more beauty. As far as they are concerned, she looks more beautiful now than when she had more pounds. You can check out the post below.

Weight is a very sensitive topic not just in South Africa but around the world. So some people are somewhat cautious discussing the same. But then there are those who just don’t care and will call things out for what they are.

Anyway, Anele Mdoda looks delectable in her transformation and seems ready to take on the world. With the latest development, she joins the league of celebs who have taken the trouble to shed some pounds. However, she has not publicly given reasons for the decision to lose weight a bit.

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