Anele Zondo Said Nadia Nakai Replaced AKA With Her On ‘Slim Thick’

Anele Zondo reveals Nadia Nakai replaced AKA with her on “Slim Thick.”

Everyone who heard “Slim Thick” when it dropped knew it was perfect. Nadia Nakai and Anele Zondo made dream collaborators, and Mzansi was impressed. Speaking to SAHipHopMag, Anele revealed that AKA was previously featured on the joint but was replaced with her by Nadia.

She recounted the story behind the Collab, saying, “One day I’m like Nadia, (“I think we must, you know do something together”) she’s like (okay but let me just check what I have and then she actually sent me the Thick Slim beats with her verse already on there.

“When I listened to it I had to take off my earphones and make everybody listen to Nadia because I’ve never heard Nadia just gliding on that,” She continued, “But then she told me that AKA was actually on the track before I, which I didn’t know until the song was released actually because we went on a live and then that’s when she said no AKA is actually on the track before I was on the track, what an honour.”

Check the joint out again.

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