Angelina Jolie Talks Battling Suicidal Thoughts At 19, Hiring A Hitman, & How She Overcame

Sometimes people lose their will to live and find a way to force their exit from the earth via suicide. Celebrated actress Angelina Jolie is one lady who had walked the path at some point. Looking back, she has indeed learned a lot from that dark patch in the canvas of her existence.

The actress recalled that moment in her life and so much more during an interview with The Face. At 19, according to her, she was already fed up with life and wanted out. So she considered hiring an actual hitman to take her life.

According to her, the first few years in Hollywood were pretty difficult – so difficult, in fact, that she thought the way to escape was through suicide. Explaining why she opted for suicide, she noted that with that “comes all the guilt of people around you thinking they could have done something.”

So why didn’t she follow through with her suicide mission? Her on-screen characters, ironically, dropped that from happening. These characters often evince grit and determination and Jolie learned from them and got the strength she needed to pull out of the darkness of suicidal ideation.

Looking back, she is more than grateful to be alive and kicking ass in Hollywood.

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