Anger, Grumblings As Staff Alleged That DJ Sbu’s Massiv Metro Failed To Pay Employees

DJ Sbu’s Massie Metro might be facing massive financial challenges, as the station has reportedly been unable to pay staff, according to multiple reports.

A couple of suits have also reportedly been filed against the company over the unpaid salaries and entitlements to staff, some of whom have already been retrenched.

One of the affected staff members noted on social media that he was uninterested in the lawsuit against Massive Metro. All he wants is to be paid the money owed him by the company so he can go ahead with his life.

At the time of writing, DJ Sbu had not publicly addressed the issue. The celebrated musician and Guinness World Records holder has popped into the news sporadically over alleged financial difficulties, but he downplayed the situation each time.

Anyway, while some tweeps are lashing out at him online over unpaid salaries and entitlements, some of his fans are showing support for him, letting him know that they understand his situation because it is never easy to run a business.

With the current storm of claims and lawsuits, it will be interesting to see whether Massiv Metro will clear its obligations and bounce back again. That should be massive.

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