Angie Santana & Indigo Stella Have A Song Which May Not Be Released

Angie Santana and Indigo Stella collab may not be released

Angie Santana and Indigo Stella have a stunning collaboration which may not be released.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a collaboration between Angie Santana and Indigo Stella, your wish may have just come through. Sadly, maybe not entirely. We hear they actually have a song together but it may not see the light of day.

Back in May, Angie Santana took to her Twitter page to tease the collab. She mostly shared Stella’s verse on it. Sharing the song, she revealed that it would not see the light of day, but wanted to give fans a chance to hear the killer verse.

She, however, did not state why the song will not be released. Yesterday, she shared yet another snippet of it which leaves us to wonder if she’s teasing us or merely giving us a chance to hear some of it. Hopefully, it actually drops because we’d love to hear it. Check it out below:

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