Angry At False Reports, Jub Jub Goes On A Twitter Rant (Video)

Jub Jub To Host Free Concert, Release Drop New Album

“Ndikokhele (Remake)” hitmaker Jub Jub has gone on a social media rant, denouncing reports that he is the father of two daughters.

Following his release from jail for manslaughter, the songster has been focusing on himself and his music career while pushing aside the spectre of the driving accident that led to his conviction. He has also been encouraging peeps with his motivational quotes on Instagram.

Jub Jub recently posted pictures of him and his fans, and a local publication had gone to press stating the songster has two daughters. He denies this, stating it is false reporting like this that makes him wary of interviews with members of the press.

Also, he made it clear it is another reason they have to give him 40 reasons why they want to speak to him before they can actually get an interview. According to him, he would post pictures of him and his fans (old and young) and people would start insinuating he has daughters.

As far as he is concerned, he is not even a celebrity, and people should leave him alone.

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