Angry P. Diddy Ready To Fight For His Name Over New Sexual Assault Allegations

It appears American rapper, record producer and entrepreneur Diddy is not prepared to go down without a fight this time, having been accused of sexual assault by another lady barely a month after he settled out of court a similar case against him.

The first lady to accuse him was his former girlfriend Cassie. After initially denouncing her for trying to get a payday off him with her “false” allegations, he had eventually settled out of court, allegedly with some impressive payment.

Anyway, another lady has come up with a claim that she was sexually assaulted when she was 17, causing her emotional harm. Diddy was said to be 34 at the time. anyway, Diddy is having none of it this time. He has denounced the claims as untrue, insisting “I will fight for my name.”

The case now seems set for what might turn out to be a fierce legal battle – to just another quiet settlement again – in his lawyers so advise. The only thing is that another quiet settlement will most likely activate a(another) rapacious broad somewhere who believes she, too, can cream a few dollars from the billionaire by going public with her allegations against him.

Well, stay tuned.

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