Apple Concedes iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Have Issues, Promises A Fix

You have just bought a new iPhone – or possibly an iPhone 14 Pro Max – but in the course of using it, you discover a bizarre issue: horizontal lines keep flashing across the display.

That would appear like a blotch on an otherwise beautiful raiment. And if you are particular about your possessions, you might be upset with the whole experience and even wonder if you bought a fake gadget.

Well, the reality is that you’re not alone in that experience. Many across the world are experiencing the exact issue. And now Apple appears to have caused a wave of relief across its fan base when it not only acknowledged the problem but let iPhone lovers know that it is working on a fix.

While it noted it is working on a fix, it also pointed out that the issue has nothing to do with its hardware – which would have prompted a recall of the devices. A memo from Apple indicated it is a software issue and an update, which Apple is currently working on, should fix it.

Until then, you can chill and know that Apple has got you covered. By the way, there is no timeline for when the update will roll out.

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