Apple Music will roll out a new iOS feature in Apple Music for Artists called Shareable Milestones

Apple Music is releasing a new iOS feature called Shareable Milestones, which enables artists to easily share artwork to social media that celebrates their Apple Music Milestones, with their fans. Artists love sharing key moments of their careers with fans and thanking them for their support. Shareable Milestones gives artists an easy to way to do that. Milestones are generated for artists of all sizes, highlighting:

    • new highs and all-time bests across Plays & Shazams
    • inclusion in Apple Music editorially curated playlists

How it works…

  • Images celebrating the artists milestones will be displayed on the Artist’s iOS overview page and
    • users will also see relevant milestones on the Song and Country detail pages
  • Artists can tap the share icon on any milestone image to open up the iOS share sheet and select which social media platform they want to share to
    • Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Twitter will all be supported and users also have the option to share via email, or messages
  • At launch, this feature is only available on the Apple Music for Artists iOS app.

More about Apple Music for Artists

  • Apple Music for Artists is available for every artist on Apple Music. Artists can sign up and claim their account at
  • Apple Music for Artists provides artists and their teams with access to invaluable streams and sales data for unparalleled visibility into their global audiences.
  • Apple Music for Artist provides a level of detail beyond anything currently available including:
      • Access to all stream plays as well as song and album sales from iTunes *something only Apple Music can provide
      • In-depth views of everything by song, album, playlist, location, fan demographics, and more
      • Visibility into which Apple Music or curator playlists are driving the most streams of their music, how those trends change over time, as well as the demographics of the fans they resonate the most with.
      • Insights into where their fans are growing and the ability to track streams and sales all the way down to the city level in over 100 countries. This makes it possible to easily plan tours, cater set lists for fans in each city, vary promotions by region, or uncover unknown areas of popularity around the world.
      • Top Shazam data, including the top Shazamed cities and countries.
      • Average number of daily listeners of their music. Average daily listeners can be viewed by country, city or song.
      • Plays from Playlists including detailed information about the playlists an artists’ songs have been added to and where those songs are positioned in the playlists. They can also see across which countries your song is included in the playlist. 
    • Music video views and performance metrics
  • Apple Music for Artists is like having your own data scientist and analytics expert on call 24/7, translating all of your data into easy-to-understand insights. 
  •  Artists can easily see when there are important and meaningful changes to their data. For example:
    • New milestones like “1 Million Plays” will be highlighted so they can be celebrated with fans
    • Sudden spikes in streams anywhere in the world will help focus efforts on the right places
    • Seminal moments like being added to an Apple Music playlist.
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