Ari Lennox Says She’ll No Longer Do Interviews or Visit South Africa Following Incident on MacG’s Podcast

Bedlam broke on Mzansi Twitter thanks to MacG – again. The host of the controversial Podcast and Chill has the habit of stirring controversies with his podcast and his questions.

The American singer Ari Lennox, one of the signees at J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, was his most recent guest. At the end of the interview, it was clear that Ari Lennox and many others have taken umbrage at MacG for his interviewing style – most especially for asking an explicit question.

In the interview, MacG and Ari Lennox dwelled on seeral subjects including “Pop,” an early explicit number from the America about detrmining someone’s intentions after a sexual encounter with them.

Then came the questions that sent Twitter into a meltdown. MacG asked: “And where are we at right now? Is someone fucking you good right now?”

In South Africa, reactions to the video interview have been mixed. Some South Africans supported MacG, noting he is on his way to becoming a global force in the podcast industry.

Some South Africans thought there was patent hypocrisy in Americans condemning MacG for asking Ari Lennox those questions they pointed out that Charlemagne had asked volent questions during interviews but without repercussions.

This led to a violent fight between sections of South African and America Twitter, with some Americans trying to clarify that Charlemagne was called out for his actions.

And yet, there were those who disowned MacG on behalf of South Africa (LOL), stating he actually erred and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

MacG himself is basking in the whole controversy, unapologetic as usual.

Ari Lennox might have taken umbrage with MacG and Podcast and Chill, denounced them all and swore never to step into again, but there are actually some celebs that can’t wait to return to the platform for an interview. for Instance.

Before the whole controversy, a year ago, she had worked with the South African rapper Nasty C on “Black and White.”

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