Ariana Grande On Concerns She Looked “Thin” In New Pictures

Give it to social media users to always have an opinion about their favourite stars, negative and positive. Sometimes celebs decided to ignore the opinions and at other times, they address it head-on. This is one such time, using the second example, and it involves the singer, Ariana Grande.

Fans who saw recent pics of her thought that she looked thin and they had no qualms about sharing what they felt about her online.

Addressing the claims that she looked thin in recent photos, Arian Grande had assured fans that she was actually healthy – okay. She then addressed her followers to be mindful of how they comment on people’s appearance.

She went into some details about her body change, informing fans that the body they thought she was at her healthiest was actually not really her healthiest, as she was on antidepressants at the time and eating poorly.

Ariana Grande On Concerns She Looked &Quot;Thin&Quot; In New Pictures 2

Interestingly, the current body which many consider thin. Is the very opposite, as she is in a better space, healthwise. While admitting that she didn’t have to explain, she also noted that maybe being open about it all might have a positive outcome for others.

Ariana Grande is one of several celebs who have come under close scrutiny over their weight changes over time.

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