Ariana Grande On Her Body Shamers

When you become a celebrity it is impossible people wouldn’t speak about you and your life even though, ordinarily, that shouldn’t concern them. We see this reality manifest all around us almost daily. This reality recently starred singer Ariana Grande in the face, and she had to address it.

According to some of her fans, her recent pictures veer off the image they have become conversant with, As far as most of them are concerned, she had become thin, and they wonder if she was all right or was contending with some health issues.

Now, that is where things became ironic. Whereas tweeps thought she must be contending with one health issue or the other which must have led to her weight loss, the actress herself noted she is in a better state as far as health goes.

In a recent TikTok video, she had noted that she was actually unhealthy at the point many thought she was doing just fine. But she is way healthier now that people were concerned that she looked unhealthy and had lost weight.

And for those body-shaming her all over the place, she had just a few words for them: being healthy can actually look different

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