Ariana Grande To Drop “Yes, And? (Remix)” Featuring Mariah Carey

There’s a piece of good news for and of singer Ariana Grande. She is gearing up to release a new number dubbed “Yes, And (Remix)” in collaboration with none other than Mariah Carey.

Now, that’s some big news. Not surprisingly, the is an ongoing buzz around the decision to work with Mariah, a much older figure in the world of American pop.

Fans are ecstatic and are already making it known on social media that they cannot wait ti listen to what the two ladies will put together. Interstingly, they re not the only ones chuffed by what’s to come.

Ariana Grande herself is excited that she is working with Mariah Carey, a singer she holds in great esteem. She is known to have described Carey as a “life-long inspiration.”

Beyond that, the collaboration itself is what she would call a dream come true. Apparently, she’s been wanting to hit the studio with Martiah for a while. Now she has the opportunity.

Given the massive interest the imminent collaboration has already generated. we wouldn’t be surprised if the number is an instant hit on release. We might share the track on here, so tag along and stay tuned for updates if you please.

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