Ariana Grande Unseats Selena Gomez as the most Followed Celeb on Instagram

Pop star Ariana Grande has just reached a new milestone in Instagram following: 189 million followers – the highest for a female celebrity right now

Ariana Grande takes the crown from the head of Selena Gomez, who was the most followed female celeb on Instagram in 2019.

At 189 million, Ariana Grande’s following is just 11 million short of the 200 million mark, which only a few have been able to reach and even surpass, including Portuguese skipper Christiano Ronaldo.

The 189 million follower figure, which the Florida singer obtained recently, puts her in a league all her own. Other celebs with follower figures close to Ariana Grande’s include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (185 million followers), Kim Kardashian-West (173 million followers) and Kylie Jenner (179 million followers).

By the way, this isn’t the only milestone the singer, who did a duet with Justin Bieber last month, has reached. She has joined the likes of Drake and Maria Carey as the only artistes to debut several songs at number 1 in a single year.

How long will Ariana Grande retain her crown, will she maintain her position as the most followed female celebrity on Instagram? The coming months will reveal a lot. Or what do you think?

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